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Have you gotten to a place where chasing the world is no longer enough? There's a burning desire in your heart to begin the journey of pursuing more for yourself because you've come to understand that apart from God, the vacancy in your heart cannot be filled sufficiently by any other thing. You will find that some friendships no longer fill you up in the way you need to be filled in this season of your life and so you're searching for like minded women. Purpose keeps ringing in your heart because if you're not helping someone else grow, and if you're not walking in the lane mapped out for you, you won't grow either and so you're looking for a place to engage in activities that fulfill purpose while elevating the women around you. iVow is a good fit!

iVow started in 2012 as a blog which created a space for women to be reminded of their identities, standards and values while being encouraged to uphold morals in an increasingly immoral world. We are a constantly growing team of women who have identified the need to be all God has called us to be as we live each day deliberately. We are conscious to glorify God in every area of our lives (mind, body, and spirit) as we hold each others hands and encourage them to come alongside us on this journey. We hold virtual monthly group prayers, annual conferences and participate in activities that promote bonding, outreaching and purposeful living. You can sit with us! We are eager to get to know you. Welcome to The iVow Network.

Favor Omakwu-Ademokoya


iVow Network presents its 3rd annual conference themed:


13th July, 2019

Venue and time for the conference will be communicated via email.

This event creates a space for you to worship God for real in the company of like-minded women who radically love Jesus. No airs, no graces, and no bad energy, but a room full of women surrended in posture and attitude. There will be power talks, giveaways, break-out sessions, worship of course and light bites. Gurl! What are you waiting for? Secure your seats and dont leave your girls behind.
(Location: Abuja)



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